Bird Nesting Material

Bird Nesting Material
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Premium Bird Nesting Material
Pure Alpaca Fibre in 100g bags - a 100% natural product ideal for your birds' nest building requirements.
Alpaca fibre is as soft as cashmere, but is one of the strongest animal fibres in the world - just what your birds would choose! It is also lightweight and ideal as a natural product to offer your garden birds to encourage them in their nest building activities.
Alpaca fibre uniquely shares the characteristics of both hair and wool with incomparable insulating qualities to protect the alpacas from the extreme temperatures found in their homeland of the Andes. Unlike sheep's wool, alpaca fibre isn't sticky with lanolin making it easier for birds to select and extract what they require for nest building.
All of the alpaca fibre used comes from our own herd of alpacas kept at Bearhouse Farm, East Devon.
Please note that this is a natural product and it is therefore possible that the bags may also contain some organic material.




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